Friday, April 21, 2006

Homer's Bath

So today was like any other unemployed day for me. I was doing chores around the house and decided Homer needed a bath. I usually give him his baths in the guest bathroom unless it is warm enough outside, which it was not. But our guest bathroom was clean, and I knew that I needed to clean our tub. It made sense then, at least to me, to bathe him in our tub. When Homer gets a bath, it is not just the bathtub that needs cleaned. He manages to get water and hair everywhere. Bathing a 118 lb. dog is not a simple undertaking.
I didn't think it would be that big of a deal to switch tubs since Homer normally loves to bathe. People that have stayed with us have discovered this when they do not shut the bathroom door tight when they are showering and they suddenly have a large black dog trying to get into the shower with them. And half the time when I am showering, Homer opens the shower door and stands there with his head under the water.
I got his towels, filled the tub, and much to my surprise, Homer refused to get into the tub. So there I was trying to lift our sweet behemoth into the tub. I quickly discovered Homer's ability to hold his ground. Then I got into the tub. If he saw me in there, maybe he wouldn't think it was that bad. But no, seeing me in the tub did not ease his mind. Maybe a treat would coax him, I thought. He usually will do about anything for a Carryout, so I put one on the inside ledge of the tub. He really wanted a snack but not enough to get in the water. He just stood at the edge and drooled in the water. Frankie, who hates baths but has an obsessive-compulsive eating problem, tried her hardest to get in the tub to get the treat. Ahhh, maybe I could use Frankie as bait...if Homer sees Frankie in there maybe he will get in too. (He usually tries to get in the tub with her during her baths.) Frankie did not enjoy being bath bait, but she did appreciate the treat. Still, Homer would not get in.
Frustrated, I went into the guest bathroom and started running water in the other tub. Homer started wagging his tail and jumped in. Damn dog.
After dealing with these two dogs a baby will be easy, right? Ha!

Oh, and Frankie is still trying to get into our tub to see if there are any more treats.

Here is an excited, drool-covered blackpuppy after his bath.

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croust said...

You'll be happy to know that when I read the title of this post to Amy, Didg started wagging his tail, grinning, and doing that dog-laugh. We're pretty sure he was thinking, "Heh heh, Homer's gettin' a bath!" (Unlike Homer, Didg condescends to tolerate us bathing him.)