Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A "Lost" Addiction and Little Bits 'o Nothing

There are very few television programs that I like. And besides the Simpsons, those that I do enjoy don't last long--Firefly and Futurama. So either my standards are lowering or Lost is an amazing television show, because 14 episodes into the first season I am utterly and hopelessly addicted to it. (So is Kate)
The Job Search is becoming desperate. I applied for a job at Public Storage yesterday. I know there are worse jobs out there, but I think this may take the award for most boring place of business. Unless...I use one of the spaces to build a time machine like in the movie Primer. But about the only thing I understood about that movie was that two geeks used a self storage facility for their time machine--let alone how the hell to build one.
Interior Decorating as a career is definitely out. I spent twenty minutes today trying to figure out how to put a dust ruffle on the crib. I left the nursery with it draped over the back of the rocking chair.
How is our five-year-old nephew Kyler preparing for the baby? According to my sister-in-law he was building a "shield" for me the other night. One of his favorite stories is how he peed all over Kate when he was a week old. Kyler is really concerned that the same fate will befall me because I am not fast (smart?) enough to duck--hence the shield.

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