Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Bad Day at the Hospital...But Things are Looking Up.

If you are wondering why I did not post more pictures and tell stories of us coming home, it is because Jack is still in the hospital. We were getting excited to come home yesterday morning when they discovered that he had a very high fever. Rather quickly they took him and transferred him to the Special Care Nursery. I won't go into too many details (I'm in a hurry to get back to the hospital), but they had to run a battery of tests, including a spinal tap. He was dehydrated and his oxygen was a tad low. We spent the day being very upset and anxious. It was scary to see our little guy hooked up to all those wires! But everything is looking okay. His fever went down on its own yesterday and they started him on some antibiotics, just in case. This morning his preliminary lab results came back and everything looks okay so far. They think that the fever may have been caused by dehydration, so they have supplemented his mommy-feeding with a little formula.

Today he looks and acts so much better. If everything continues to look okay, we should be able to bring him home tomorrow afternoon. Kate's mom is with her at the hospital right now while I came home to shower and get more clothes--and to update everyone. Luckily they are letting us stay at the hospital. Actually, "squat" is probably a better word. They do this thing called boarding, where you just stay in a room but according to there records you don't exist. Basically, it is like having a free hotel room with really uncomfortable beds and no maid service. And random people just walk in on you. But we are thankful that we get to be there.

I'll post an update tomorrow night about how everything is going.

Jack and his (very proud) cousin Kyler

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amy7252 said...

Glad to hear that Jack is improving. Poor little guy! You must have been a wreck. We'll be thinking of you.