Friday, May 05, 2006

A Better Prize...

Okay, yes everybody will receive pictures. (And no, the prize will not be $1) Kate suggests that the prize would be the honor of changing some dirty diapers. Let me think about this for awhile. Suggestions are welcome.

At Homer's vet visit for his ears the other day, we learned that he has officially topped 120 lbs. As the helpful Vet Tech. pointed out, "Hey, it could be worse. Can you imagine how much he would way if he hadn't been fixed? I mean, think about it. Those things would have added a lot of weight!" At that point, the waiting room got kind of quiet and everyone just looked at her kind of funny. Homer drooled.

Life has been very quiet around here the past few days. Calm before the storm, perchance?

I have been listening to the new Flaming Lips album At War with the Mystics a lot the last week. It is not quite as good as The Soft Bulletin or Yoshimi, but it is still pretty amazing. I firmly believe that they are one of the most artistically creative pop groups active today. They manage to be a tad artsy while still writing fun, singable tunes. And the video for the "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" is pretty funny. (Is that supposed to be Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie with the doughnuts?)

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brian sacawa said...

you should check out jamie lidell's new album multiply and also matmos. i think you'll dig them.