Saturday, May 13, 2006

Whole Foods Here I Come

Lost in all of the Jack excitement is the little nugget that I start my new job tomorrow at Whole Foods Market. Actually, I was supposed to start last Sunday but Jack decided I had to wait another week. I am very excited to get back into the workforce and be making money. Hopefully the job works out okay. I plan to write sometime about my past Deli experiences. The only bad part about starting tomorrow is that I miss Kate's first Mother's Day. It will be just her and Jack all day!

Jack finds my reading choices boring and falls asleep.

Homer does not trust me putting together the swing for Jack, so he decides to help.

Happy Baby glad Daddy got it to work.

When Jack takes a nap, everyone else takes advantage of the quiet time. (Homer is asleep farther down on the floor. He just did not fit in the picture.)


croust said...

I love the picture of Jack "reading" with you! Maybe you should put down the musicology books though?

amy7252 said...

Frankie looks like she's in rigor mortis in that picture of her sleeping with the rest of the gang!

Joe said...

Hey, it's not a musicology book! It's a good old fashioned novel. Well, kind of. It's Zadie Smith's On Beauty.

In the picture, I think Frankie is pissed because Clara is sleeping on top of her. But she is so comfy snuggling with Kate, that she refuses to move. I guess she thought if she made her self as unpliable as possible Clara would move. It didn't work.

morskyjezek said...

I thought you might still be slogging through de Certeau! ;-)