Saturday, June 10, 2006

Odds and Ends After the First Month

After a month, it is becoming clear how much Kate and my life has already changed--mainly in that we don't have one outside of my job and Jack for me and just Jack for Kate. (If you get a free moment during the morning/early afternoon (and you already know our phone number) give Kate a call. She hungers for "adult" conversation. I still am holding out hope that I can get back to daily updates on here, but it seems that every time I start to write something is when Daddy is needed most.
You Get What You Pay For
(This is a prime example of how sorry the state of affairs is right now--this is extremely interesting dinner conversation for Kate and me)
So far, the most expensive diapers truly are the best and well worth it. We have so far tried Huggies, Pampers, and Luvs. (Insert the "TM" where appropriate.) In that order they descend in both price and quality. Pampers are okay, but Luvs are about useless--more leakage seems to occur when he wears those.
Mama's Little Chip Clip
Never Breastfed a baby and want to know what it is like? Before Jack was born, Kate read an article that said to imagine someone attaching Chip Clips to your nipples. She claims it is an accurate description.
Jack's First Phone Call
(This happened a few weeks ago, but I am just now getting around to writing about it.)

Kate: Hello
Caller: Yes, Hello. May I please speak to Jack Weber?
K: Umm, may I ask who is calling? (Kate continues the phone call thinking it has something to do with his medical records and personal curiosity.)
C: Yes, this is Jane Doe with XYZ Inc., and I need to speak with Mr. Jack Weber on a matter of personal business.
K: Uh, this is his mother. What is this regarding? Can I talk to you instead?
C: I'm sorry but it really is a matter of personal business. I have to speak to Jack Weber.
K: Jack Weber is ten days old.
C: Oh.
K: Maybe you have the wrong Jack Weber?
C: Uh, maybe I do. Does a Jack Weber with the middle initial of "A" live there?
K: No.
C: Oh. Sorry to bother you. I think I may have called the wrong person. Goodbye.

This would seem almost unusual if Clara hadn't received a phone call the next week.

Yes, Clara is our cat. You see, Clara receives quite a bit of phone calls and mail. If you ever want proof that BMG Music Club gives out your contact information, sign up a pet for a membership. Frankie and Clara have been pre-approved for many Platinum MasterCards.

And in case you are wondering--yes, I get free CDs by having our pets join BMG. Homer has yet to join, though. And Kate says I am not allowed to use Jack's name.
Good News for Homer!
Ann Arbor has announced that they are (finally) putting in a Leash-free Dog Park. The closest one is in Saline, which is a 25 minute drive. Since the A2 Dog Park will be at I-94 and Platt, we will be able to get Homer to his version of Doggie Heaven in under fifteen minutes. Needless to say, poor Blackpuppy has not been to the one in Saline in a while. He is eager for his friend Didge to return from Paris for puppy playdates--hopefully in Ann Arbor!

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