Monday, August 21, 2006

Just Kidding, Daddy!

After I bragged about Jack sleeping through the night two straight nights he decided that he wanted to go back to his old habits. The last two nights he was back to being awake between two and three in the morning. Jack doesn't want this whole Daddy thing to be too easy, I guess.
Kate usually sings to Jack when we are trying to get him to go to sleep for the night. Of course, the standard fare is Sousa Marches and college fight songs--Stars and Stripes and Oklahoma's being the favorites, respectively. In the last couple of weeks, Jack has started singing along. It's not as miraculous as actually singing the tunes. He just kind of sings a monotone tune to accompany his mommy. I would take a video of it, but I am afraid Kate would clobber me if I posted her singing on the web again. And who knows what kind of revenge she would find.

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