Thursday, August 24, 2006

Woo-Hoo! I Have a Job! Kind of.

I was hired to teach a Music Appreciation class at Washtenaw Community College this week. It is only one three-hour night a week, but it is exactly what I want to be doing right now. It all happened rather quickly. I was contacted on Tuesday about it, and I start teaching next Tuesday. Guess what I what I will be doing this weekend?

I still might see if I can pick up a night or two or a weekend day at a library, but this definitely helps.
Yay for me!
Homer let me know where I rate in the pecking order the other day. I was on the floor playing with Jack and playing a tracking game. That is, I would move to different locations on the floor and say his name or make a noise to see if he could find me. I started crawling toward him making noises when I made a noise that, to a dog, would probably sound like a threatening growl. All at once, I was broadsided by Homer. He shoved his head underneath me and flipped me onto my back. He didn't growl or bite at me. He just stood between Jack and me and stared down at me, as if to say, "Daddy, I love you. But I won't let you scare Jack like that." (During this whole thing Jack was watching both of us with a big grin.) Homer went back to his breakfast and laid down to eat. (Yes, our dog lays down to eat.) I was curious to see if he would do it again. Sure enough, as soon as I started crawling toward Jack and growling, Homer came rushing over and knocked me over a tad more forcefully than the time before. Once again, he did not do anything else, just placed himself between Jack and me.

Even though I was getting thrown to the floor it made me happy that, in a pinch, Homer would protect his boy.

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morskyjezek said...

Congrats on the Washtenaw gig!!

Good to hear Homer's keeping things in line there. :-)