Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Summary of the Past Couple of Weeks

It has certainly been a hectic month so far in the Weber household. All three of us have been adjusting to our new..."lifestyle," I guess would be a way of putting it. My decision to return to school has not only changed my routine, but it has disrupted Kate and Jack's as well.

Jack has had to adjust to going to daycare. He seems to be doing pretty well. There is usually some initial crying when we drop him off in the morning, but his "teachers" say that he is fine as soon as we leave. (We take him to the Rainbow Child Development Center in Grosse Pointe, in case you are wondering.) While I would love to be with him everyday, I think that it is good for him that he is interacting with children his own age. Of course, that means he is around a lot more sick bugs, which means we just experienced his first major illness. (Besides the runny nose and being really tired, he is doing much better now.) I say "we" because a couple of days after Jack was noticeably ill, Kate came down with it. And guess what? I have it now. Fun times, as HR would say.

The other rough part about Jack going to daycare is his new attitude toward me. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I see him for only about 30 minutes in the morning. He is in bed when I get home. On Wednesdays, I see him that much in the morning and an hour (or less) in the evening. This is a huge change from seeing me all day, every day. Rather than be glad to see me, though, he seems to be blaming me for our new situation. (Which, I guess he should since it is because of me that he goes to daycare.) So when I do get to see him, he pushes me away and wants to play and be held by Kate. I try not to let it get to me, but it is rather rough being rejected by him.

And Kate? Well, she has to cook more now. She got a tad spoiled by me doing all the cooking the past two years, I think.

Jack has also continued his obsession with Bob the Builder, or "Bob-Bob" as he calls it. If we mention it, all he wants to do is to watch Bob-Bob. He sees a picture of a big truck or a construction vehicle? Bob-Bob. A DVD or Videotape box with some yellow? Bob-Bob. Even if we just hum the theme song, he wants to watch Bob-Bob. We have gotten to the point that when we refer to the show, we call it "Robert the Construction Worker," or, as Kate likes to call it, "Robert the Constructor." Sometimes we watch "Beer" (Bear in the Big Blue House) or "Bow-bow" (Blue's Clues), but nothing comes close to Bob-Bob.

Well, that's not true. He also likes to obsessively watch "Bay-bee" There are those times when we have to repeatedly watch videos (at least ten times each) of baby Elle.

Jack absolute favorite thing to do over the past couple of weeks has been to "dut da doh (r)," or "shut the door." (The r sound only comes out occasionally and as an afterthought.) Anytime a cabinet door, room door, etc. is open, he has to be the one to close it. Here he is dutting the dishwasher doh (r).

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