Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Words

I haven't done an update on Amelie's vocabulary in awhile. Hopefully I remember them all.
Of course, I'm sure Jack, Kate, and I are the only ones that would understand her. =)

Woof-Woof - A small stuffed dog that is her favorite toy. It will probably get it's own post.

Pup-Pup -- What she calls any of her many stuffed dogs -- excluding Woof Woof

eeshes -- Peaches

squzcheezas (no clue how to spell what she says, but we know what she means)-- Cheese, her favorite food.

Hot Dugh!, or Hot Dah! -- Not the food, but the expression. This comes from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse "Hot Dog Song," that Jack likes to sing. I've even heard her say "diggity dah."

Gomble gomble gomble -- Gobble Gobble Gobble. Jack taught her to say it last week when she was eating some turkey. Now she says it all the time while she eats.

And Kate's favorite...

Cuh cay -- cupcake. I think we created a monster. She has had only two of them...but she seemed to have made it a point of learning what they are.


amy7252 said...

Our monster came in the form of "brownie" -- I swear that Elle rivals Kate in her love and adoration of said treat.

Love the vocabulary updates! I really should do that for Elle again.

Suellen said...

Parker's monster word is "cookie." We were out of cookies the other day. She pointed at the door and told Alicia to "go get." Awesome.