Thursday, April 08, 2010


Quite awhile back, I excitedly Tweeted that Amelie had taken three or four steps. We thought she was finally ready to start walking. She decided she wasn't.
After that, she would get mad whenever we tried to get her to do it again. (Often leading to screaming and, and sad to say, biting.)

Every once in a while, she would take a step here, or a step there but she just was not interested.
This weekend, she finally decided to tackle it again. She took 3-4 steps a couple of times on Saturday. Then on Sunday, she was playing in the grass and just started walking. She went quite a ways, slowly, several times, while holding on to some balls.

Then, she was done. She showed no interest on Monday until the afternoon, while we were outside, she suddenly decided to take off and toddled all over the sidewalk and yard. And then, she was done for the day. The next day she started taking two steps here, or three steps there, and has been walking a little more ever since. Crawling is still the preferred method, but I think she finally is going to walk. It's slow and unsteady, but she is getting there.

This is the opposite of Jack, who decided to walk around 11 months and was running within two days after his first steps. He hasn't slowed down since.

(I have videos of her long walk from Sunday, but Blogger keeps rejecting them.)

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amypfan said...

Just because she CAN do it doesn't mean she WILL. :)