Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Train Surprise

We had no family commitments today, so we thought we would take advantage of the free time and take Jack and Amelie to the Museum Center to see the holiday train exhibit.  We tried to tell them that we were just running to the store but had to change it it to a "surprise" after ten minutes in the car when Jack noticed we were headed toward downtown. The boy is too clever for his own good.

We made it a pretty short trip since both kids were already worn out, and we did not want to exhaust them too much before Christmas. Jack was disappointed that we did not stay longer (and go to the Children's Museum while we were there), but he still had a great time--though it is hard to tell from this big fake smile.

This one actually has genuine enthusiasm behind it.

Of course, it was next to impossible to get pictures of them, since both Jack and Amelie were enthralled with the trains. Most of the ones I took were back of the head shots.f

Or they were "fine here is smile, now leave us alone" pictures.

In the caboose.

Amelie was excited that we found Thomas, coming out of a tunnel.

Look at how serious little boy is about his trains!

Amelie was having fun looking at her reflection in some giant ornaments.

Union Terminal is such a beautiful building. I forgot to get pictures, but we broke away from the crowds and went up to the tower to check out the freight train yards.

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