Monday, January 09, 2012

We Made Jack Cry

We knew Jack really wanted a little brother. What we did not realize was just how much he was counting on the baby being a boy. I'm not sure what plans he had, but they must have been good.
We gathered Amelie and Jack on the couch to break the news to them. Kate asked them one last time if they thought it was a boy or girl. Both Jack and Amelie shouted, "Boy!" Kate then told them, "No, you are having a little sister!"

And then Jack fell apart. I was videotaping it, but I can't bring myself to post the video. I've never seen Jack's face just crumple like it did. And then he just started sobbing. (Amelie shouted, "Yay!" by the way.) He was heartbroken. After he stopped crying he marched into the other room to play by himself. But, as five year olds do, he got over it rather quickly and fifteen minutes later was talking excitedly about what he is going to do when his new little sister arrives. (It also helped that I pointed out to him that he now gets most of my old Transformers from when I was little.)

Before tucking in Amelie, I asked her if she was excited that she is going to have a sister. She told me, "Yes! She will pway with me and say 'I'm a baby! I wuv you!" (Imagine that last bit said in a super squeaky voice.)

Now to figure out a name...


Andrea said...

Awww, that is both funny and really sad!

I'm sure once he realizes that his sisters have to share everything and he still gets all his stuff to himself, he'll be a happier camper. ;)


Cathy Willman said...

Congratulations! I cried too. I feel his pain. I always wanted a little brother too.

Unknown said...

It very much was sad and funny at the same time. I was laughing a little, but I felt so bad for the little guy.