Thursday, March 30, 2006


Well, here we are.
My musings are about to join the rest of the floatsam and jetsam of cyberspace. To get things off to a rousing start, I will start with a list of FAQs. Well, at least ones that I imagine people would ask anyway.

--Why am I starting a blog now?
First and foremost, I am starting this because my first baby is due on May 15th. I figure that this will be be the best way to keep people updated on baby Jack's activities. So it will act as a window into the lives of first time parents. Kate, my wife, and I are are essentially clueless on the finer points of raising a child--as I am sure most parents are with their first. Through the wonders of the internet, you can tune in to see how we handle the complexities of moulding a young mind.
Additionally, and on a more selfish level, I am going through a major career change. I have been in academia for eleven years or so and I decided I needed a break. So if you become a regular reader, you will get to hear about life as an Aflac agent.
Coupled with a new baby, I believe these major life changes are worthy of sharing with a broader audience.

--What does the title mean?
It's supposed to be kind of metaphorical and all that, so draw your own conclusions from what you read.

--Who the hell is Joe Weber?
I guess you will just have to read and find out. And no, I am not the Joe Weber that writes military/spy novels.

--And why would anyone in her right mind want to read what I have to say?
You tell me, you're the one reading it!

I think that is enough for the first posting. Kate and I are off to her family's for a baby shower this weekend. I'll be sure to give more info about Kate and myself in the next post.


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Anonymous said...

I believe that you have an incredible future That you are on the right to happiness and growth. You have the right attitude and above al else you have love in your heart the most important thing... I wish you well