Wednesday, April 05, 2006

April Showers

I decided that I should have a post about the baby, so that the blog does not become completely self-centered. (You can tune in later for an update on the job situation.)

We are currently in the midst of the two baby showers. Kate's family "showered" her with gifts last Saturday, and my Dad's side of the family will honor her this coming Saturday. What was the shower like you ask? I don't know, I wasn't invited. It was for girls only. (Okay, that is not completely true. Our two little nephews, Kyler [5] and Kaden [2], were there. And our brother-in-law got stuck there and had to hide in their office with nothing but a beer and a computer.) While they were partying, well, as much as one can party with aunts, great-aunts, and great-great-aunts, I was very busy. BBC America was having a Monty Python marathon and somebody had to watch it. Kate seemed to have a good time, though. Kate's great-aunts behaved, and she did not get beaten with a stick like the mom-to be at this shower. And we received lots of nice gifts, or rather Jack did.

I was going to say more about Kate and her currently lopsided belly and all the difficulties that she is having adjusting to being so...prominent. (I've discovered this is the safe word to use instead of "large" to describe her pregnant belly.) But it did not make it past the Kate's censor board. I guess I should know better, since I get in enough trouble for chuckling because she has trouble tying her shoes.

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