Friday, April 28, 2006

Attack of the Flu

I suppose my absence from the blog these past couple of days could have been misconstrued. No, the baby did not come. No, I have not been outside taking advantage of the beautiful weather to mow, garden, and do other fun outside things. I have been laying on the couch with the flu. I think I am getting better now, just congested and very tired. Luckily, this flu was not of the intestinal variety. Instead, it attacked in the form of a very bad sore throat and that wonderful cotton-headed-fluey feeling. Therefore, stringing two words together intelligently has proven difficult.

The most fun part of being sick was knowing that I had a job interview today. It took every bit of concentration to be on top of things today. Suffice it to say, I must have been able to pull myself together sufficiently because I go the job. Yes, I am now employed. My life has begun traversing a cosmic circle and I am back to where I was less than five years ago. I will be working in the Deli/prepared foods area at Whole Food Markets. Sigh, I can't escape. I'll be sure to write more about this later, but I think this is all of the writing my recovering brain can handle for the moment.


morskyjezek said...

I hope you don't have much H5N1 floating around over do live near a river!

Whole Foods! That sounds great - they have real food at least. And you might not be asked about the japeena loaf. :-)

Joe said...

No Jesse, I don't think I had the Bird Flu. Although, a couple of Orioles have been hanging around on our deck and eyeing me suspiciously...

And there probably will not be any japeena loaf...or gaspuchi.