Monday, May 01, 2006

The Eternal Pregnancy

The last couple weeks of Kate's pregnancy are really dragging out. We both (her more than me) have to keep telling ourselves that she will eventually have the baby and not be pregnant for the rest of our lives. Time really flew by until about two weeks ago. The bag is packed, the carseat is in (with minimal wiggling), the pediatrician is picked, and the house is (mostly) clean for the barrage of company that we will have. Come on Jack!
Tomorrow I will make my third attempt in a week to buy new blinds for the nursery. The first time I did not measure in all the proper directions. This morning they told me that I measure incorrectly when I asked for what I thought were the proper dimensions. Hopefully I get them up before Jack arrives.
In anticipation of not getting enough attention, Homer has come down with an infection in both ears. (This is turning into a chronic condition.) My luck will be that I get "The Call" while I am sitting at the vet's sometime in the next couple of days. Frankie's reaction to the pre-delivery hub-bub has been to act extra cute. Clara remains oblivious that anything is going on--gotta love cats. I looked for a perfectly disgusting treat to distract them from the mania they are about to experience. After looking at animal snouts, hooves, ears, and so I decided Kate's stomach might not be able to handle these odiferous items right away. I went with the standard rawhide bones. Most disgusting item--Baa-B-Q chips. They appeared to be smoked sheep lungs or some other innard. Blech.

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amy7252 said...

I've often heard that pregnancy goes as long as it does, while making the woman as uncomfortable as possible, just so that you actually start to look forward to labor and delivery. Yep, Kate, you're ready! In a few short months, we'll be getting you cute new non-maternity outfits at NY&C!!