Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Going to Visit NeNe and Pa

Kate wanted to visit her family this week so her grandparents could meet Jack, so we are in Ohio for a couple of days. We had the fun experience yesterday afternoon of loading the car and driving on a quasi-long trip (3.5 hours) with Jack for the first time.

It is usually an adventure anyway getting the car all loaded up and getting Homer and Frankie in there too. Jack just makes it that much more interesting. Actually, Homer was not supposed to come with us. We thought it would be too much of an adventure for Jack's first trip to have the blackpuppy along, so we were going to board him. But I didn't find out if my two consecutive days off were approved until this weekend. And the pet resort was closed because it was Memorial Day weekend.

It all worked out okay, though. Frankie rode shotgun, Kate sat in the back with Jack, and Homer lounged in the back of our Mazda Tribute with the luggage. Well, mostly he sat with his head perched on the headrest and stared at his boy. I guess he was concerned that something might happen to Jack in the car because he hardly took his eyes off him the entire way home.

Jack did really well for his first trip. Kate fed him right before we left, and he slept almost the entire way. About twenty minutes before we got to Kate's parents' he started screaming, but how could you blame him? He was hungry, had a dirty diaper, and had been cramped in his carseat for three hours. But we made it and everything was fine.

In a future post, I will discuss the adventures of packing for a baby.

Here are a couple of pictures of Homer guarding Jack.

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