Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's Just Gas...

Kate is feeding Jack, and I am awake and semi-coherent so I thought I would try to get a blog post in. I have a lot of pictures and videos to post from our trip to Ohio. I will try to get them up in the next day or two. The car ride back was not quite as smooth as our trip down, but he still did okay. We had to stop once for a feeding and he cried more. And Homer was tired so he did not guard his boy the entire way.

Jack reached four weeks today. According to books and medical professionals, the magical four-week mark is supposed to be when the baby's sleep becomes more regular and the parents' start getting more sleep. Ha! From talking to other parents, we still have a few more weeks of sleep deprivation ahead of us. He is having more good nights than bad, though. But just when we think he is getting use to sleeping on his own we have a night where Kate and I have to take turns being up all night. The worst is the late evening stretch when not only does he want to be held, but he insists on me walking. We usually have at least one of these episodes a day. Of course, these walks are usually accompanied by me singing...

Jack's music preferences seem to run in two directions so far. There are some nights when the only thing that soothes him is my singing of British folk tunes/folk-inspired classical music. His favorite is "Greensleeves," followed closely by Holst's "I Vow to Thee My Country"--the pretty second theme from Jupiter-- and Grainger's Children's March. Other tunes I sing have a calming effect, but these are by far the most effective. But when little boy is awake, he likes dance music. Yes, my son likes House. Kate was playing with him on the floor the other day, and when he started getting fussy she turned on the cable music stations. She started flipping through the stations and when she got to the dance station, he instantly quieted down and started kicking his feet around--or dancing.
The other day when I got home, Jack was asleep in Kate's arms. I took him so that she could nap and have a little alone time. I happened to be looking at him when he woke up about an hour later. He looked at me and his eyes opened wide. He then flashed me a gigantic smile and giggled. It was as if he missed me and was really excited to see me. My heart melted. But then...he ripped the loudest fart imaginable out of such a small body. I mean, this thing rattled the windows. I guess it was just gas. But hey, there is nothing like loud, obnoxious farts to make a Daddy proud of his little boy.

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