Sunday, May 21, 2006

Lest We Not Forget Our Other "Children"

The pets have been rather neglected lately. We try to pay attention to them when we can, but they obviously have not received their usual playtime. But they do not mind all that much, since they have been really tired, too. I don't think they have been sleeping that well, either. Homer is on guard and checks on Jack everytime he cries. Frankie gets exasperated and leaves the room. When Kate's mom was here, Frankie would get up and try to go to bed with her. And Clara? Well, I guess Clara's sleep has not been affected. She just continues to do cat-things. Anyway, continuing with the sleepy theme of the previous post, here is what Homer, Frankie, and Clara have been up to.

I should have had the video going for this one of Clara. She worked really hard to get the rug bunched up just right in the sunspot so she could get comfy.

In this last one, doesn't Frankie look like a little person?

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