Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sleep? What Sleep?

Once again, I must apologize for the lack of posts lately. It seems that my life involves three things right now: working, sleeping, and holding Jack while he is sleeping at 2:00 a.m. So blogging has been rather low on the list of priorities. I'm sure that once Jack figures out the whole sleeping on his own thing I will starting posting more regularly. It is tough to be witty on so little sleep.

We can't figure out why Jack will let us put him down during the day, but at night the only way he will sleep is if we hold him. Last night I tried something slightly different and it seemed to work. We have digital cable, so we get all of those music stations. During the day, we tend to have it set to the "Classical Favorites" station and let it play in the background. When Jack is cranky music seems to calm him down. So I think we are going to try having music playing softly at night to see if that works. It seemed to help a little last night, but we will see.

Our exciting news of the week is that Jack's umbilical cord finally fell off on Monday. Yay! It was starting to look kind of gross.

Here are a couple of pictures of Jack snuggling with his Mommy.


KatHarrmann said...

Just a tip from one parent to another, the music thing really works! The best gift we got for our son's baptism was a tiny CD/stereo for his nursery. Now, every night, Ash drifts off to the sounds of Enya, Norah Jones, classical piano tunes or anything else mellow. Oh, you also might try turning a ceiling fan on low. Asher loves "making friends" with ceiling fans and will quickly drift off while watching them. I guess it's hypnotic. Can you imagine if adults were like that? You'd be sitting at work, and all the sudden, catch a glimpse of a fan and be out like a light! Anyway! Best of luck to you both!!! :)

Joe said...

Thanks for the tips! The music really does seem to help. And I have noticed that he does tend to stare at the ceiling fan already. His Ped. also recommended warming up his bed with a heating pad before we put him down. But I'm not sure how practical that is now that it is getting warmer.