Friday, May 26, 2006

The Newborn Parents' Vocabulary.

After only three weeks, Kate and I are already talking in Baby Code. I'm sure this bizarre baby language will increase, but here are some of the words that have already slipped into our everyday conversations. I am sure some of them are standard.

Binky: A Pacifer.
Piggies: His toes.
Rooting: The cute thing Jack does when he is hungry. He opens his mouth wide and moves his head quickly back and forth. It is usually accompanied by grunting. This is the indication that it is time to go to Mommy--especially when he, um, mistakes me for her and gets a mouth full of my tee shirt.
Winkie: I was bound and determined to not give IT a cute name and only call it by its proper name--Penis. Somehow we have started using this word. I hope it does not last. Of course, at least we did not give it the same name as Homer's. Homer has a "Doodle." As Ned Flanders yells in a Simpsons episode, "Hey Homer! I can see your Doodle!"
Pee Shield: An essential tool when changing the diaper. It can be another diaper, a burp cloth, or anything else that is close at hand that can cover the Winkie in case he tries to spray Mommy and Daddy or write on the wall.
Poo: According to What to Expect the First Year, this is the "seedy, curdy, creamy, or lumpy; light yellow to mustard or bright green" substance that is "normal breast milk stools." We see a lot of this.
Tushie: Where we usually find the Poo.
Sleep: An elusive dormant state that is the highlight of our days/nights. It's bad when about five hours into my workday I start fantasizing about my bed.

Finally, I'm not really sure this fits but Kate and I keep referring to Jack's Pediatrician as his "vet." Really, we usually don't confuse Jack with one of the pets.

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