Monday, May 15, 2006

Sleeping Through the Bath

Jack definitely takes after his Mommy. We washed his hair tonight and slept through the entire ordeal.

And Kate's sister let us in on the secret of little boys not soaking through their diapers everytime they pee. According to her, it is essential that the "winky" be pointed down at all times. He wore seven outfits today so we were desperate for advice. Now if we can only get him from trying to spray us when we change him.
And for the picture snobs...


angela said...

are ya trying to say that Kate sleeps when she washes her hair? huh/ haha! beautifulJack well the peepee thing is getting the diaper on right my son. you'll figure it out soon enough and babies always go through alot of clothes in a day that's why you have so many!!! It's either one end or the other that causes the problem.... Love ya

joe Katzenberger said...

Great looking kid! Elaine and I are very happy that all are fine and progressing well.Keep up the posting as it is such a neat way for us to stay in touch with your family.
Love, Uncle joe and Elaine

Anonymous said...

from one of the picture snobs: it's been two days Joe, I'm having picture withdrawal!!