Monday, June 19, 2006

A Busy Week, Part 1

Sorry for the dry spell. It was a busy week. Well, to a normal person without a six-week old it would have not seemed that busy. One of the aspects of having a new baby is how little I get accomplished. I knew it would be tough, but I thought I would have a little more time.

Last Tuesday night we cleaned house. We knew that my Grandma Weber, Aunt Sallie, and Cousin Alex would be visiting us last Wednesday, and we had to get the house in semi-decent shape. Now we are not complete slobs and it was not really dirty. Things were just a tad more cluttered than usual and we had not swept or dusted in a while. Jack did a good job helping us clean. We are now fully appreciating the wonders of the Baby Bjorn. While I can't do all of my chores around the house while he is strapped to me, it certainly makes life easier when I need to do things around the house and he really wants held. I am not brave enough to cook while he is riding around with me, but I am at least able to get the prep work done.
These pictures are from Jack's first ride in the Baby Bjorn. As you can see, he was not quite sure what to make of it at first but he quickly became accustomed to it.

As I mentioned above, we had family visit us on Wednesday. Homer and Frankie were ecstatic to meet new people. Homer really liked my younger cousin Alex. In dog years, I think they are about he same age so Homer had a blast. Actually, Jack really seemed to like Alex too.

My Grandma and Aunt Sallie were, of course, thrilled to see Jack. Who wouldn't be. He is the cutest baby in the world!

Other than getting to see family, the best part of their visit was their generous offer to baby sit while Kate and I went out to dinner. For the parents out there, you understand how big of a deal it is to be allowed to be "husband and wife" for a short period of time rather than "Mommy and Daddy." It was especially a big deal for Kate, because this is the first time she has been away from Jack since he was born. By going to work I get little breaks from being Daddy, but Kate has had to be Mommy constantly since he was born. She handled it very well, though, and we had a wonderful time. It was a just a tad weird because we kept feeling like we had forgotten something while we were eating our dinner (at La Shish). Now we can't wait until his Aunt Amys (Roust and Kimura) and Aunt Alyson are back in town to babysit so we can go out more! Of course, we want to hang out with them, too, so we may have to find another babysitter...Uncle Jesse!

I have posted a couple of more videos on YouTube. Try not to get sea-sick watching Jack in his swing!

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tina said...

i know what you mean by don't get seasick!!!
i can't wait until i get up there to see jack....and you and kate of course!!!
aunt tina