Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Busy Week, Part 2

Okay, so I did not get to finish my post yesterday because, of course, little boy needed my attention. He became crabby and we spent a good hour walking around the house, me singing "Greensleeves" and him angrily going "num num num num num num num" on his pacifier with a furrowed brow.

Thursday night we finally got around to planting our flowers and our garden. It is really too late to put out an effective garden, but we wanted to at least make the effort. When I went to the garden store, everything was pretty picked over. Of the garden items I wanted, only the basil, jalepenos, and tomatoes were available. The basil is not going to make it, I don't think. It has been too hot too early. But if there was a good thing about buying our flowers, etc. this late, it was that everything was 25% off since they were trying to get rid of stuff.

Since then we have been doing things around the house--nothing exciting enough to write about but enough to make blogging low on the priority list.

Naked Boy!

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