Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy Baby

Looking through past posts, it appears that I have painted a picture of a crying, grumpy baby. This is not fair to poor Jack, who is really only grumpy in the late afternoon and evening after his long days--the time that I usually get to spend with him. In reality, he is usually a chipper little guy.

This morning he had his first bath in the "big boy" tub. Before today, all of his washings have been sponge baths, which he has not particularly enjoyed. But today we decided to try giving him a bath in his bath tub. He really liked this. So I grabbed the camera and snapped some pictures of the super happy baby. I was also fortunate because I had good lighting, so I was able to get good close-ups. Before today the combination of good lighting and a happy baby had eluded me. I have posted a couple of pictures here, but most of them are on Photosite. There were too many good ones! I also took a short video of him being happy after his bath and enjoying Kate's singing.

This picture cracks me up every time I see it. The one eyebrow sticking up is priceless.

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