Sunday, July 30, 2006

And the Little One Said, "Roll Over! Roll Over!"

Jack is starting to roll over from his back to his stomach. He has done it a couple of times in the past week without assistance. We are starting to find him in his crib and bassinet on his side after we have put him on his back. What a big boy he is becoming!
Jack finds scared Homer amusing. Homer has recently started becoming afraid of everything. Half the time he freaks out and we do not even know what is worrying him. The other day, Jack was on the floor playing when Homer started getting scared--drooling, panting, shaking, etc. Jack looked over and got the biggest grin on his face and stared at Homer. Poor Homer, he was providing inadvertent amusement for JackJack.
I survived my first week at home with Jack. Our biggest adventure was the morning when we had a five wiper, followed an hour later by a four wiper. Yuck.
Colin and Amy (and Didge) came over for dinner the other night. Amy and Jack had a good talk. Jack was smitten with her.

But the little boy has not learned the fine art of always acting interested in what a woman has to say. Even if it puts you to sleep.

Jack decided to have a conversation with Colin.

Colin started telling him about his dissertation, and Jack gave his opinion on the subject.

Don't worry Colin, Jack's daddy finds your research interesting.

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amy7252 said...

Oy. I've really got to get some better pictures taken with Jack!!