Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm a Househusband

When a woman stays home with the baby, she is dubbed "The Housewife." When a man stays home, he is "Unemployed."

Yes, this week begins my new career as a "stay-at-home father." I still plan on finding some part-time evening work, but my primary focus now is spending my days with Jack and keeping the house quasi-clean. I say quasi because I don't think it is possible for two clutterers, one with ADD, who have a baby and three pets to keep the house sparkling June Cleaver clean. I have many bold ambitions of things to accomplish around the house in all of my spare time. I really do not expect to be too successful in actually finishing all of my grand projects since Jack is a Hoover time-vacuum. Kate kept warning me that staying home would be harder and more tiring than I imagined. After only two days, I think she may be right. But I am excited to embark on this new stage in my life.

The only drawback, if I can call it that, is that since I do not have a real job, I have to get rid of my new car. Back in April, I bought a new Mazda Tribute, which I absolutely adore. But I adore Jack even more, so I am more than willing to make this sacrifice and sell my SUV and lease a small car. There will be no more Big Pimpin' with a subwoofer and heated leather seats for me!

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