Thursday, July 20, 2006

Assorted Pictures from the Past Week

Jack's favorite toys are probably his keys. The lucky boy has two sets. Look at him go with both hands!

Jack is able to consistently hold up his head more often. He is becoming less and less a Bobble-Head Baby everyday. Look at the big boy riding the "horsey!"

Here are a couple of pictures of the sleepy boy gnawing on his arm and falling asleep in the process.

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Amy, Ben, and Bryn said...

Joe, Kate, and Baby Jack -
Jill directed me to your blog so I could see some pictures of your adorable little boy. He is definitely very cute, and a lot of the stories you've posted really make me laugh, since I can totally relate to them from our baby! You can see pictures of her at our blog (apparently this is the new craze) at
I hope all is well with you, and congratulations again on Jack!
Amy Pfanschmidt