Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Last Busy Week For a While?

We had a rather adventurous week here in the Weber Household. Last Thursday, our friends Colin and Amy (and their dog Didge) returned from Paris. We went out to Steak N' Shake with them that night, so Jack had his very first dinner out. He was very well-behaved! Homer was very glad to see Didge, but poor Didge was really tired and didn't want to play. Be sure to check out Amy's Blog on what it is like to be an American readjusting to American culture. They have had many adventures already and it hasn't even been a week. Our dinner out was amusing, but I will let them tell the story. On Friday and Saturday I helped them move their belongings out of storage and into their new apartment in Ypsilanti.

Friday afternoon, three of Kate's close college friends--Jen, Jill, and Tina--came to visit (Jack) for the weekend. They all seemed to have a good time. With them, Jack had his first trip to the mall and his second dinner out. Colin, Amy, and I went with them to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's. I think I confused the waitress. After I placed my order I told the waitress that Jack wanted the Colossal Burger (two 1/3 lb beef patties with everything). She nodded and started to write it down. I think if everyone at the table hadn't started laughing, she would have given the kitchen the order.

With the departure of Kate's friends, it looks like our busy summer is coming to an end and life is going to be rather quiet. Well, except for Kate going back to work and me being a stay-at-home Dad. More on that and pictures to follow...

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