Saturday, August 19, 2006

Addendum--What the Househusband has Been Doing

Not a whole lot.

Jack and I have fallen into somewhat of a routine. Being home with a baby is not the most...interesting life in the world. It has its exciting moments, we have fun, and I certainly enjoy every minute of it--well, maybe not every minute. (There are those days when he is cranky and clingy, and I can't wait to hand him over to Kate when she gets home.) And don't get me wrong, so far I am very glad Kate and I decided for me to stay home. But being home with a baby everyday does not make for the most thrilling days. Excitement for me now is leaving the house or talking to another adult.

Colin and Amy are staining their new bookshelves in our garage, so they have been coming over almost every day for a little while. I am sure it amuses them that I start talking a mile a minute, non-stop as soon as they walk in the door. And it is not like I have earth shattering news to tell them. I just need to talk to someone that replies with real words and not ooo, errewerreeebabuah, followed by a tongue sticking out with drool. Actually, I get much the same response when I talk to Homer, too.


amy7252 said...

I didn't notice that you started rambling ... we're just glad to have someone else to talk to other than A) each other, and B) the bookshelves. (Though, admittedly, we only use curse words when talking to the shelves.)

KatHarrmann said...

Congrats on Jack sleeping thru the night! That's always a wonderfull development! I remember both of our boys could never make it thru the night until about age 3 months, when we could give them the gerber rice/oatmeal mixed with their milk and then BANG! They were out for like 12 hours straight because their bellies stayed full all night with "real" food! Yahoo!! We missed reading your blog while you were gone! :)

Joe said...

Yeah, I have had several people tell me that the cereal is the magic elixer. Jack's next Dr.'s appointment is in a couple of weeks, and we are hoping she gives us the okay to start giving him the baby gruel.