Saturday, August 19, 2006

What You Have Missed By Me Not Posting.

Not much, really.

Over the last couple of weeks, Jack has been growing and making "baby steps" on little developmental things, such as gaining more control over his hand-eye coordination, discovering his toes, and increasing his baby-talk vocabulary. Judging by his actions, it looks like he sit up by himself and start walking rather early. Look out, here comes Jack Jack!

The biggest milestone occurred two nights ago. Jack slept through the night. Finally. It seemed like it took him forever to reach this stage. We could pretty much count on him waking up between two and three. If we were adventurous and woke him up around eleven he could make it to four, but he never really went longer than six hours. Thursday night he went eight hours. I was really confused when Kate's alarm went off. I was trying to figure out why Jack was making a loud, obnoxious beeping noise. I mean, usually the Jack alarm usually goes off well before Kate's so I am used to waking up to him. I had a rather triumphant feeling when I finally realized that Jack had not developed the ability to eerily imitate household appliances, but had finally managed to sleep a full night after three-and-a-half months. We were certain that it was a fluke. But last night he made it 7 1/2 hours. Woo-hoo! Two straight nights! Let's hope that he keeps it up.
A tired Mommy and her boy snuggling in their chair. By the way, notice the funky hairline that he is developing. That bare spot on the side of the head extends all the way around. What little hair that is growing there is a coming in a different color. Hopefully, he does not grow up with a stripe around his head.

Frankie is starting to realize that Jack is not going away. She tries to act like she does not notice him, but I catch her sneaking in little kisses here and there. Also, when he is crying or upset now, she gets really nervous and has to go check on him.

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