Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bersh Tee?

Amelie has recently entered the "I want to do it myself" phase. Last week, she decided that she had to brush her teeth by herself. Of course, she has to do it like her big brother at the same time. Since there is only one stool (and she falls off the top step of this one every time) they had to compromise.

She really doesn't mind. This has become her tooth brushing spot.

She gets very excited when it is time to "Bersh Tee," as she says, now. We say "Let's go brush teeth" (or just go in to do it ourselves) and she runs in and plops herself down.

Now if she would listen past the word "brush." This morning I asked her to go get her brush so we could brush her hair. She ran into the bathroom, sat down, and started saying "Bersh Tee! Bersh Tee!"

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amy7252 said...

Love those pictures! Amelie is so cute. Also enjoyed the fashion shoot with Jack and Amelie together ... what fun!