Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bee Bite!

My kids love watermelon. Jack asks for it almost every time we go to Kroger. (But not Jungle Jim's.) I usually do not buy it because it either looks gross or it is way overpriced. Occasionally, I oblige him, though. Today, Kroger had a special on some small melons called "Personal Watermelons." Though the name disturbed me, they had a nice thump to them and Jack was excited about these little watermelons that were "Jack and Amelie size" as he told me.

After dinner, I cut up some in small bites for Amelie and she dug right in. But then I gave a whole slice to Jack. Amelie looked at his plate. Looked back down at her little pieces. Looked back at Jack's. Looked back at her own. Then she looked at Kate and pointed to Jack's large slice and started shouting "Dack Bee bite! Dack Dack Bee bite! BEE BITE!"

She wanted a "big bite" of the watermelon. Just like Jack had. She refused to eat anymore until I cut her a slice.

Then, she was a happy girl.

She was so pleased with herself.

This, my friends, is a look of food ecstasy.

Here you can hear her tell Kate "Dat Dood." (That's good.)

She finished that slice and asked for another. I tried to get a video of her saying watermelon, but was unsuccessful. It came out as "nawanehwah."

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amy7252 said...

Too cute! I've seen those mini watermelons before ... maybe we can get one for Elle and see if she likes it. Believe it or not, she ate fresh blueberries and fresh plums this week with hardly any protest.