Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Yearly Adventure of the Holiday Picture

Say Cheese!

Gesundheit Amelie. Um, Jack, over here.

Cute! Wait, is Jack wearing mismatched socks?

Okay, we'll leave the socks. Um, Amelie, can you sit up?

Over here, little girl. Jack, you are closing your eyes again. (He does that when he smiles.)

You can see him say, "Cheese."

Jack, eyes!

Uh, where are you going Amelie?

Jack, where did you sister go? And, um, eyes!

Sweetie, look over here. Wait, where is your brother?

Yes Jack, you may hold your tractor ornament. And you can hold something too, Amelie. Uh, but you have to look at me, not the ornament.

No, you can't tell I just took the ornament from her. Not at all.

Uh, Jack, could you not...dominate the picture quite so much? Great.

No Amelie, It's okay. You can keep the ornament.

Getting tired, Sweetie? Almost done.

The "hug shot."

Jack, I think your sister is getting ticked you keep hogging the camera.

Gee, I wonder where Kate is standing?

Need another clue?

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