Friday, August 26, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

Hard to believe, but my baby boy started kindergarten yesterday. I know, he is a "big" boy now, but it seems just like last year that he was just our tiny baby
But a big boy he is and he is very ready for kindergarten. He has been counting down the days for almost a month, now. I am glad that he is so excited and hope that this continues. The school had an open house on Tuesday night for us to see his room and meet his teacher. When we finally met Mrs. A., Jack told her he was excited to start.
"What about school are you most excited for?" she asked him.
"To learn!" he yelled back.
There was no prompting on our part. Actually, I was surprised by his response. (I would have guessed "making friends.") Mrs. A. loved it.

As soon as he woke up for his first day, he was bouncing off the walls. The first thing he had to do was retrieve all of his school buses from his "city" in an attempt to guess which one his bus would look like. He was rather disappointed when Kate shot down his theory that a "Hot Wheel School Bus with flames painted on the side" would pick him up.

We were all ready to take a picture in front of the house, which seems like the thing to do for the first day of school, but it was pouring down so right inside the front door had to suffice for the morning.

He was not pleased at all when we suggested a picture of both him and his sister. It was his special day, and not hers, after all. Amelie hammed it up extra just to annoy him, I'm fairly certain.

But when it came time for Jack to get on the bus, she was not pleased at all. She pouted the entire way back to the house because he got to go and she did not.

Luckily it stopped raining by the time we got to the end of the street for the bus stop.

The buses (three or four for our subdivision) pick up at the end of the cul-de-sacs. Have I mentioned there are a lot of kids on our street?

Fifteen that ride the K-6 bus as we found out. That does not count the two that go to a private school, the six or so that not five yet, and who knows how many Jr. High and above. And that's just for fifteen houses.

Jack was last to get on the bus as he had to run back and give Kate a hug at the last minute. He looks so little!

And how did it go? He was all smiles getting off the bus.

He felt compelled to hold up his name tag so that we knew for sure that it was him.

Kate: Hey, big kindergarten boy, what did you do at school today?
Jack: Nothing.
(And so it begins.)
Jack: Mommy, the bus went so fast! And I did not get to look out the window!
Kate: Oh, did you have to set by the aisle?
Jack: No, I was just too busy talking to all my friends.
Me: Noooo! You talking a lot? Impossible!
Jack: Really! Hey, one of my new friends wants me to come to his house and play.
Kate: Alright, what was his name?
Jack: I don't know!
Kate: Well then, how about you learn his name first and then we will talk.

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Cathy said...

Chris and Jack are eerily alike sometimes. So Big in Personality! Love that thing about the friends. Chris told me he met a girl with an L in her name and she rode bus 11. That doesn't help me.