Monday, January 30, 2012

Cupcake Practice

 Amelie has been having a hard time deciding what type of birthday party she would like to have. Actually, that's not true. She knows what she wants: A Princess Butterfly-and-Ladybug My Little Pony, and um, Michael Jackson party. We just have wanted her to pick one of those and she has had trouble narrowing it down. We finally compromised and it will be a Princess (Rapunzel) Butterfly-and-Ladybug party. (And maybe we pressured her a bit to throw out the Michael Jackson part.)

Kate decided that if she is going to make the cupcakes for it, she should practice. I think her practice ones turned out awesome, and Amelie is very pleased and excited to have the "real" ones at her party. (She kept telling us that we were having a practice party.)

Kate made purple butter cream frosting for them. She plans on making the icing look a little nicer for the party than they look in the pictures, but her icing bag kept breaking the other night.

Here are the princess crowns.

And her first attempts at ladybugs. She got a little carried away with the antennae, but the kids thought it was great. As soon as she finished they both gleefully shouted, "Toebiters!"

Kate tried a couple of different butterfly styles. We were all in agreement that the one on the right was the way to go. 

Finally, she made one I named the "Drunken Frog Takes a Bubble Bath with His Magic Wand."
I don't think it will make the cut.

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