Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Great Name Debate

Kate and I are knee deep in trying to figure out a name for Jellybean. (Confession, I originally typed balls instead of knee *cough*.) Jack has given up on his aspirations of having a sibling named "Earth Rumble," and has mostly decided to not play the name game. Amelie, though, is all about trying to come up with names for the baby. Surprisingly, none of her choices ever derive from a Disney Princess. She rotates between wanting us to name her Lucy, Peppermint Patty, or "Cheeky."

For Kate and me, this has been a lot harder this time around. We both arrived at Jack rather quickly and we both were rather pro-Lily from the start. (I think I kind of had to convince her of the coolness of Amelie, though.) This time, though...well, it could go down to the last second the way we are currently going. I thought I would share a snippet of how our conversations go by providing only Kate's responses to some of my ideas from the past few months.

  • Hmm, put it on the list and we will see.
  • Sure, put it on the list. It will give me something to cross off when we narrow down.
  • No. No names from Wagner operas.
  • No. No names from Tolkien.
  • Oh, it's not from Tolkien? Still no.
  • How did you not know the names of Obama's daughters?
  • That's how you would pronounce that? This is southern Ohio, you know.
  • ... [cold stare]
  • Uh, we're not Indian.
  • I don't care how you try to spell it, we're not naming our daughter that.
  • You do realize there is a character on Glee named that, right? Oh, you don't like it anymore?
  • She'll be a baby, not a little old lady.
  • Well, that name will ensure that she grows up to be wild.
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-oh, you were serious, weren't you? I'm sorry...HAHAHAHA


Andrea said...

LOL, too funny! If it makes you feel any better, I was baby B for about a week. That's what happens when you are the second one born and your parents didn't know they were having twins until really late in the game. ;)

Once you do decide on a name, please come back and let us know what names received these responses. I'm guessing Quinn from Glee? Otherwise, I couldn't even venture a guess.

Eric said...

Oh, come one, Earth Rumble is a name that would never go out of style.

Unknown said...

@Andrea - Yes on Quinn. Maybe I'll give some of the names...

@Eric - If it was a boy, yes...but that seems like it would be pretty bad self esteem for a girl. =)