Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Great Name Debate - Jr. Version

Following up on the previous post a bit...

Lately, we have been getting asked at least once a day what the baby's name is. We then have to go through the whole spiel that not only is the baby nameless, but we can't even come close to agreeing on anything. And I think what makes it even worse is that Kate and I are not used to disagreeing on something so vehemently. When we do disagree on most life matters we tend to compromise rather quickly. Naming this baby, though? Not so much.

So. We decided to run some names (that we have been arguing about) by the kids after dinner tonight and get their reaction hoping it might help us. It didn't.
 Like the previous post, I will be giving their reactions only. (Though, some of you may be able to figure out a name or two.)

J: Ha ha ha ha! That's a real name?
A: I wike it!

Jack: No, we can't name her that! The neighbors down the street have a Boxer named that!
Amelie: I wike it!
(FYI, our next door neighbors have a Golden named Lily, so this would make for some amusement.)

J: No way! That name has the word "tear" in it! You would say her name it would be, like, *makes ripping noise* thump!
A: I wike it!

J: (Vehement head shaking in the negative with pursed lips and an incredulous look)
A: I wike it!
Kate: Thank you Jack. Amelie, don't encourage your Father.

J: No, Elle has a baby doll with that name. That would be confusing.
A: Yes! I wike it!

J: Really? I love that name. Yes, let's name her that!
A: No. Dat's not a good name.

J: No, I liked the other name better.
A: Can we name her "Pocky?"

J: No, I...Hey! That's just like the other name, but it is missing the "M!" Hmmm, how about you put a "D" where the "M" was? That would make a cool name.
A: I wike it!

J: No, that's a weird name. Maybe you can make that her middle name?
A: I wike it!
Me: Yes! Thank you Jack. Amelie, don't encourage your Mother.

J: No, that name is too long.
A: I wike it! How about "Pocket?" Dat's a good name, too!

J: No. I still like that other name better. I guess we are naming her that, right?
A: No! We are naming her Pocket! Or Cheeky!
J: Or Arm? Or Leg? Hahahaha
Kate: Uh, I don't think either of you get to name the baby.
J: (Cries)
Me: Jack, sorry, but you also think "Earthrumble" is a good name.
J: (Laughs)

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Andrea said...

I have no idea what any of the names are but the reactions are priceless! After you do decide on a name, you have to come back and tell us what all these names are!