Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Big Decision Nr. 1

Besides keeping people updated on Jack, I intended this blog to also be a place to write about my other major life change--the decision to take a break from my musicology studies and try to get a job in the "real world."

So far I have not been very successful in the job market. There was the ill-fated time spent at Aflac. I had went to work after spending five futile months on the job market. But after not making any money (literally) after a month, I started looking again. After a month of searching I finally got hired at Whole Foods. While I knew this was not the ideal job, it seemed like it would be a good place to work. Well, it should be at least. Most of the people that work at our store seem to genuinely enjoy working there--except in my department. Since I am still employed there, I do not want to go into all of the details. But as soon as I quit I may explain the craziness that is the Prepared Foods dept.

Yes, I will be handing in my two weeks notice soon. The official reason will be that I am quitting to stay home with Jack. Financially, it does not make sense to work there and put him in day care--I would be working just to send him to stay with strangers everyday. So, once again, I will be on the job market looking for a Part-time evening job. I am really hoping to find a job in a library, but I will take what I can get. And about wanting a library job, more on that in the next "Big Decision" post.

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