Sunday, July 09, 2006

Two Months Old

I forgot to mention that Jack turned two months old this last Thursday. Time is really flying by. It is amazing to see all of the little changes in him in such a short period of time. He has not had any "big" accomplishments like rolling over, walking, or playing a Mozart Sonata from memory, but the little baby steps have been there.

  • He no longer has his marathon grumpy sessions in the evening. That doesn't mean he doesn't have grumpy moments, but I do not have to spend over an hour walking around the house and singing Greensleeves and Mahna Mahna.
  • Every few days he learns a new "word." He makes a new noise and repeats it over and over again.
  • He figured out that he can splash the water in the tub by kicking it.
  • One of his favorite activities is to talk to the other baby (him) in the mirror.
  • He (finally) put him self to sleep in his bassinet without us helping.
  • He discovered that if he kicks the side of his bassinet the bears on the mobile dance.
  • When we sing to him he is starting to sing along.
  • He seems to be recognizing more songs. There are now non-sleepy-time songs that he gets really excited for, especially "Old MacDonald (Uncle Bubby) Had a Farm."
  • He has started to outgrow some of his clothes.
  • In his last bath he learned the fine (boy) art of making bubbles in the bathtub. That is, he farted under water and found it amusing.

Like I said, none of these are particularly earth shattering, well except for maybe the last one, but they are all signs that he is growing and learning.



(Muscle Man!)

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morskyjezek said...

I'm sure the Mozart sonata isn't far off. :-)