Friday, October 20, 2006

And Then Nothing Happened...

It has been a rather un-blog-worthy week here at the Weber household.

Jack has decided that he really likes to roll onto his tummy But once he is there he remembers that he prefers to look at the ceiling and not the floor and can't remember how to get back.

Kate had the laugh-inducing comment of the week. JackJack spit up on his outfit so she went upstairs to change his top. Claiming that he did not have any clean long-sleeved tops, she adorned him in a knit sweater that was way too big. With his striped sailor pants that he was wearing, I commented that he looked like a baby pimp. Kate's comeback: "My God, he

doesn't look like a pimp. He looks like three of the village people rolled into one." (Sorry, no picture.)

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