Wednesday, May 05, 2010

One Birthday Party Down, Two to Go

Since our current home is not that big, we decided to break Jack's birthday party up in two. Well, three if you count the little party of just the four of us on his birthday.
Last Sunday was with Kate's side of the family and my Mom. (Once again, we did not do a great job of getting many pictures.) Jack had a great time and spent a good portion of the party (literally) bouncing off the walls. I always thought that was just an expression, but Jack really does it.

Jack requested a cake with trains on it. And candles. But not just candles, he wanted a number four candle and twenty other candles. Cupcakes? Sure, we can have cupcakes, too. With Gumdrops on them! (Which was a picture on the cupcake stand box.)

We convinced him that jelly beans (which we had) would be better than gumdrops (which would have required a last second trip to the store).

We also talked him down from twenty candles to four and a Thomas candle. We bought him Toby the Steam Tram for the requested train.

I think the funniest part of the day was while he was opening presents. He is so our boy. He looked at all the presents and immediately decided there were too many for him to open, so he began delegating the opening to his cousins and Amelie. They got to open the "soft" presents. In other words, they opened the potential clothes.

Here, you can kind of see his little operation he had going. (Sorry Mom, I know it's not the best shot.)

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