Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quotes of the Day

When I woke Amelie and Jack this morning, Amelie's hair was completely covering her face as usual. I began singing to her, "Where, oh where is my Lily Belle? Oh, where, oh where can she be?"
Before I could go on, a groggy Jack looked at me with a stinker glint in his eye and sang, "Where, oh where is my Daddy's hair? Oh where, oh where did it go?" He then fell on the floor laughing.


When I woke Jack up from his nap this afternoon, I carried him in to get Amelie, who was already awake. He was wearing his Cars underwear, which she noticed right away. Amelie started giggling and pointed to his rear. She yelled, "Dack Dack butt ha(s) McKeen! Ha ha ha! Hih butt ha(s) McKeen!"

1 comment:

Suellen said...

I've never even MET your kids, but I LOVE them. They remind me so much of Parker. Stinkers.